Yoga Videos

Yoga videos you can do straight from your home.

Yoga Videos

20 Minute Beginner Vinyasa Video

A twenty minute wake-you-up kind of vinyasa vid.

Chair Yoga Sequence for Neck and Shoulders

For all my desk-bound people looking to improve their posture and relieve pain.

20 Minute Gentle Yoga in Bed Video at The Marker Waterfront Resort in Key West

A gentle stretch for the whole bod, and you don't even have to get on your mat.

26 Minute Yoga Video for Hamstring Flexibility

By request, a yoga video for hamstring flexibility.

Chest Opening Yoga Wheel Video

Great for posture and tightness through the chest, shoulders, armpits, and upper back area.

10 Minute Lunch Break Vinyasa Yoga Flow Video

Ten minutes is all you need to start feeling great!

Yoga Video: Yoga in Bed for Total Body Wake Up

Wake up on the right foot with this short yoga video.

A guided meditation for anyone who needs to feel energized

Free 60 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Video

Finally! A new sixty minute yoga vid - tell everyone! 

20 Minute Slow, Stretching Hatha Yoga Video

A slow yoga sequence to relax you.

30 Minute Yoga Video for Straddle Splits

Ask and you shall receive - a yoga video on straddle splits.

Workout Wednesday: 6 Minute Planking Video

You'll thank me later.

26 Minute Heart Opening Yoga Class

A feel good yoga practice to help get you through the week.

20 Minute Slow, Stretching, Hatha Style Yoga Video

A slow flow yoga video to feel restored.

Costa Rica Recap - Pt 1
23 Minute Yoga Wheel Video for Stretching and Core Strength

How to incorporate a yoga wheel into your practice.

22 Minute Restorative Gentle Stretch Hatha Yoga Class

Because we could all use a little yoga to help calm us TF down.

10 Minute Chair Yoga for the Office

For my office people!

10 Minute Couch Yoga Video

For my people who want a gentle yoga practice right from the comfort of their couch.