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Business of Blogging Online Workshop

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Business of Blogging Online Workshop


This is for my people who have a blog but just are not seeing the success you know it could have. Sign up for a one to one blog school session! The session takes between two and three hours and we will cover everything from blog design to photography to how to make money as a blogger. We'll take a good look at what's working for your blog and what isn't, and develop strategies to help project you to the next level. 

You will receive: 

  • a 24 page Business of Blogging Workbook
  • a 26 page Business of Blogging Text
  • one to one consulting via Skype with Candace at a set time for up to two hours

How it works

After a completed payment (during which time you'll select your desired date), we'll send you our Business of Blogging Text and Workbook, which you'll read and fill in before our scheduled date. We'll also ask you to fill out an intake form so we can take a look at your blog and do our homework on your site and social media presence. 

On our scheduled time, we'll meet online, roll up our sleeves and get to work. We'll go through the text and workbook together, at which point Candace will answer any questions you have, and talk specifically about how your blog can improve in various areas. We'll work together to develop strategies to improve your blog and social media presence as we move through the course. 

The curriculum covers:

  • Back to blogging basics - You'll create a blog mission statement, examine your blog's personality, go over design tips, reader demographic and reader profile.
  • Secrets to making money from blogging - You'll learn the ins and outs of making money by blogging, why your blog isn't earning what it could earn and how to fix it. We'll go over sponsored posts, how to direct sell advertising, how affiliate programs work and which ones to look into, and how ad networks work and which ones to look into. We'll develop ideas for ways your specific blog can earn more.
  • Blog Photography Tips - Learn what you need for a great photo, how to shoot in manual mode, how to look great in photos.
  • Social Media Strategy - We'll look at what platform is best for you, how you can use each social media platform to reach your audience, how to set up and use the platforms, how to grow your following, and ways to use social media to increase your blog traffic.
  • Blog Content and Marketing - We'll look at the content you create, the types of content you create, develop new content ideas for your blog, develop a one month content calendar, learn SEO basics and how to market your blog
  • Secrets to a Successful YouTube Channel - We'll look into your youtube channel, learn the basics to YouTube success including types of content, lighting, SEO optimization, editing and more. 
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